Anélle Coetzee
– Personal Stylist Paris

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Always Look Well Put-Together

Life in Paris

Anélle Coetzee – Personal Stylist Paris – that’s me. I have had an endless enthusiasm for fashion and now, I am helping to style your wardrobe – the Parisian way! In France, whether you are sitting at a street cafe or walking around admiring the window displays, or touching and trying on clothes, you cannot be anything but inspired.

Another amazing thing about living in Paris is the many small fashion boutiques with owners who are sometimes even more intriguing than the beautiful clothes they source for their clients.

Benefits of Relooking Services

  • Remain an individual, true to yourself, instead of relooking you as a celebrity replica.

  • Celebrate the feminine uniqueness of being a beautiful, confident, and comfortable woman.

  • Enhance and emphasise your personality with items that make you look and feel good about yourself.

  • Put thought into your shopping and requirements, into your finances, and how a specific piece will work for you, whether it is for this season or the next ten years.

  • Get basic pieces that are the backbone of timeless wardrobes.

  • If you want uniqueness, quality, personal attention and a lasting investment piece, I can help!

Timeless Tips

Scarves, belts and jewellery do not need to be expensive to update a look. However, I feel quite strongly that if you buy a handbag or shoes, you should invest in leather. And for shoes, comfort before fashion is always a must, as there is no point in going about in the latest shoes with a grimace. With handbags, buy something you fall in love with and will use for years to come!

Detail on Accessories 

Accessories are your best friend. Fall in love with them. They will be your friends for years. They don’t mind your age, your size or grey hairs! This goes for shoes and handbags as well. Always wear on “IT” item that makes you feel really good.

Professional Training

Graduate of the London NHJ Style Consultancy’s Diploma Course and Professional Associate of their network