Anélle Coetzee
Personal Stylist in Paris

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Consultant Paris 2018

Let Everyone Admire Your Style!

I offer a wide selection of personal styling services for expats, business professionals, and anyone based in France.

Closet Clean Up - Organisation (2 hours)

Clothes to Collection - Includes Outfit Creation (3 hours)

Complete your Collection - Shopping (2 hours)

Wow Woman / New Man Package - all of the above (5 hours)

Closet Clean-Up: 2 hour home consultation (starting at 250€)
Together we will organize your closet according to style and season, purging and selecting items that need to be stored, donated or mended. 

Closet Clean-Up Outcomes:
- Wardrobe review & organisation
- Suggestions for new & different looks for this season

Clothes to Collection: (starting at 350€)
I will help you discover how to wear the clothes you own in a new and creative way and identify what I think is missing to complete your collection, so that dressing each day becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Clothes to
Collection Outcomes:
- Wardrobe review & organisation
- Combination of new & different looks from current wardrobe with photo log
- Identification of purchasing needs to make the most of current wardrobe

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